Friday, February 4, 2011

National GreenTeaDaily Day! And Acai, Too, Of Course.

Did you know that today is National GreenTeaDaily Day? I know right; it's the awesomest day of the month, because today is dedicated to losing your unwanted pounds, your love handles, and what-have-you with GreenTeaDaily. And you get to feel great doing that, too! That's why we're highlighting a remarkable ingredient in our latest GreenTeaDaily formula. 

You've heard it before, you've definitely read it somewhere, Oprah raves about it, but you probably don't know what in the world is the acai berry? Well, it's a fruit that looks like blackberries. But it's not just another fruit, it's a SUPER FRUIT. 

So what's so good about the acai berry? Two things: It's loaded with an ultra-overflowing-ready-to-explode-on-you amount of antioxidants, and it has remarkably powerful weight-loss inducing properties! We're talking about the-king-of-the-universe of food here. The acai berry feeds our body with huge doses of antioxidants enough to help defend the body against pollutants, stressors, and free radicals, and keep the aging process at bay, all in one serving. On top of that, the acai berry helps reduce cholesterol significantly and increase our metabolic rate, which result in healthy weight loss. When we talk about about HEALTHY weight loss, we mean losing the weight without all the side effects.  

The acai berry's unique flavor provides our beverages with a taste that is delicious and thirst-quenching at the same time.

In a nutshell, here are what acai can help you achieve:

  • weight loss
  • increased energy
  • better digestion
  • improved sleep
  • enhanced mental health
  • stronger immune system
  • healthier skin
  • youthful appearance
  • detoxification benefits
  • improved circulation
  • healthier heart

Now we can still get the same benefits of the acai berry by simply eating a healthy diet filled with fruits and veggies . But seriously, how many of us eat a well balanced diet rich in antioxidants everyday? Not very many, which is why we've decided to include the acai berry in our latest formula, starting with the new Chocolate

With the new GreenTeaDaily formula, you won't just be getting the benefits of green tea, you'll also be consuming ample amount of acai to make your body scream in energy and pure joy. And for a limited time only, we're running a Chocolate promotion. So, don't wait any longer. Get those GreenTeaDaily pixies today and start drinking the world's most delicious and nutritious green tea beverage. EVER. 

As always, we like your input and comments. So please, people, subscribe to this blog already. And once again, HAPPY GREENTEADAILY DAY!

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