Friday, April 29, 2011

Have Happy Maqui Day Today!

So you ask, "What is maqui berry and what can I benefit from it?" Well, the answer is simple, yet powerful: Maqui Berry is a Super fruit (or can we just say super, ooper, dooper fruit!). And it's one of the main ingredients in all of the GreenTeaDaily products.

Maqui Berries

Maqui berry is an indigenous fruit grown wild throughout parts of southern Chile. Also known as the chilean wineberry, maqui berry is not currently cultivated. This is because it is a plant that grows so abundantly on hillsides and along roads and forested areas that there is simply no need for it to be planted commercially. The only people who harvest these berries commercially are the Mapuche Indians, also indigenous to Chile. Because of the increasing demands for maqui berry, the Mapuche Indians would harvest the berries in large quantities to be exported to foreign countries to be processed. And because maqui berry is harvested from the wild and not cultivated, it comes 100% natural! Maqui berry tastes sweet and juicy and is extremely delicious, comparable to the sweet berries grown in the US. If we could, we'd be burying our waffles and pancakes with these berries every day!

How Can I Benefit From Maqui Berry?
While we can lay out then entire scientific compound contained in maqui berry, we prefer to list out what the berry can do for you instead. It's easier that way, don't you think? Okay, here goes.
  1. The maqui berry is rich, rich, rich in antioxidants. Perhaps one of the super fruits that contain the most antioxidants. EVER. 
  2. Because of its potent, overwhelmingly brimming level of antioxidants, the maqui berry is a powerful inflammation fighter. We've talked about how inflammation can cause damage to our body permanently, and this super, ooper, dooper fruit can help solve that inflammatory problem of yours!)
  3. The maqui berry is rich in properties that help regulate blood sugar level and promote a happy immune system. When we talk about a happy immune system, we mean just that--HAPPY. When your immune system is happy, it can do wonders to your body. Imagine not getting sick when everyone else around you is plagued by the seasonal fu. Our point exactly.
  4. The maqui berry elevates your energy level naturally. Forget about the energy drinks out in the market that is high in all kinds of potentially harmful stimulants. Think maqui, think healthy energy. Healthy energy comes from a very happy body whose organs and functions are all working synergistically and properly. Yup, we love the word HAPPY.
  5. And last BUT NOT LEAST, the maqui berry helps promote a happy heart. Its antioxidant properties help prevent the oxidation of cholesterol in the blood. This in turn prevents heart disease, hardening of the arteries, and stroke (just to name a few). 
Harvesting Maqui Berries

So here's what we suggest that you do, get yourself some maqui berries today and start living a healthy life. Remember, two servings of GreenTeaDaily per day will start you off on the road to a healthy and happy life!

Have a Happy Maqui Day!

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